Collet Set ER32

Collet Set

The ER32 Collet Set is designed to screw directly onto your spindle thread. It comes in the thread size of M40 x 2 (Insert type - an insert to suit your spindle thread can be purchased separately). It comes with a wide range of collets allowing a pickup from 6mm - 20mm diameter. The Collet Set is ideal for Pen turning, accurate re-chucking or similar jobs.

It comes in a PVC box complete with eight (8) collets (sizes: 7-6, 8-7, 10-9, 11-10, 15-14, 16-15, 19-18 and 20-19), two (2) C-Spanners and one (1) Collet Holder.

Item #: V00302- M40x2 (Insert Included)