Bin Sensor

Help prevent your collection bin from over-filling or your filter stack from being clogged with this Bin Sensor unit!

The Bin Sensor system includes:

  • Bin Sensor Control Box with strobe/horn alarm unit
  • (2) Optical Sensors
  • (2) Mounting Brackets
  • 2-Conductor wire
  • 12 Volt DC Power Supply
  • Hardware packet

How it works:

The optical sensors are placed on top of your collection bin and are aligned through the transparent flexible tube at the base of the cyclone. If the sensors are blocked for more than 15-20 seconds as the bin fills, a fire alarm strobe/horn will sound and your system will automatically shut down. The unit also includes a bypass switch if automatic shutdown is not desired for a specific project. The alarm/strobe box may be installed up to 70 feet away from the cyclone- 40 feet of alarm is provided, but can be spliced together for a longer reach.

The 12 volt DC power supply is compatible with both 120 and 240 volt systems, as well as 50 and 60 hertz power.