Lathe Accessories

VL300 Extension Bed 500mm


500mm Extension Bed can be attached to the VL300 with no support leg. It can be mounted on either inboard or outboard side. When used inboard it gives a total of 1000mm between centres. When used outboard you can remove the handbrake and mount a chuck etc. and use the lathe conventionally.

500mm Extension Bed
Part No. V00107
Precision-machined face for bolt on extension bed includes four bolts and two Part No. V00107 ground hardened bushes

VL300 Extension Bed 1000mm


The 1000mm bed extension for mounting on the VL300 includes 4 x M14 bolts with two hardened bushes for accurate location.

500mm bed extension is available for the VL150 & also the VL240 lathes

Swing Away Tailstock Support System

Swing Away Tailstock Support System

The original Swing Away Tailstock Support System developed by Vicmarc is suitable for all existing VL300 short bed lathes on the market and can be easily retrofitted.

The system is ideal for turners who frequently remove the tailstock from the bed. This eliminates the need to do so as the tailstock weighs 23kg.

It is designed to perfectly mesh with the VL300 short bed lathes. The hinge design enables the tailstock to swing out of the way to enable the easy turning or hollowing of large vessels.



New ergonomic style Toolrest – Round 4140 high tensile steel bar welded on top for ease of use. (available for VL200, V240 & VL300 lathe models)

Size Part No.
VL150 VL200 VL240/300
100mm V01157
150mm V01159 V01169 V01191
200mm V01158 V01171 V01193
300mm V01173 V01195
400mm V01175 V01184
600mm (Two Post) V01177 V01197
1000mm (Two Post) V01168 V01187
S Toolrest V01181 V01201
Z Toolrest V01183 V01203
Goblet Toolrest V01179 V01199


Part No.
VL150 V00164
VL200 V00162
VL240 V00163
VL300 V00163

A separate Camlock can be purchased for all model lathes. It can be used independently for holding a tool rest or jig or with a double posted toolrest.


Lathe Specific 3

Lathe Specific 3 Point Steady

Universal 3 Point Steady

Universal 3 Point Steady
Adjustable from 150mm to 300mm centre height

Size Capacity (dia) Part No.
VL100 80mm 8-80mm V01090
VL200 50mm 8-50mm V01093
VL200 100mm 8-100mm V01094
VL300 50mm 8-50mm V01095
VL300 330mm 12-300mm V01097
Small Universal 30-150mm V01098
Large Universal 30-300mm V01099


Part Number V01145

Part Number V01145

The Vicmarc Deep Hole Drilling Tailstock can be used in place of a traditional tailstock and is suitable for fast and conventional drilling. The Drilling Tailstock to be mounted on any Vicmarc VL200, VL240 or VL300 lathes.

The Deep Hole Drilling Tailstock can drill up to depths of 215mm without having to reposition it.
The centre height is adjustable from 200 to 300mm. The adjustable bed mount also allows it to be fitted to a lathe with a bed gap from 60 to 65mm.

The Deep Hole Drilling Tailstock is equipped with a No. 3 Morse Taper, drill tang lock to prevent the drill from rotating in the Morse taper, and a drift key ejecting slot to remove the drill. Also included is a Morse 3 to Morse 2 spindle for use to accurately align the Drilling Tailstock with the head stock centre.



These tool handles have been designed to be both ergonomic and functional. The handles are manufactured from high grade aluminium with a soft PVC outer shell. The profile of the handles have a flat surface either side near the tool end that makes them more comfortable to hold and stops them from rolling when put down.

The back of each tool handle can also be unscrewed allowing the filling of the inner core with vibration absorbing lead shot. These tool handles are also available without the PVC outer shell, allowing you to make your own handle shape to suit your style of woodturning.

Size Part No.
Bore Diameter Length With Grip Without Grip
3/8” (9.5mm) 285mm V01240 V01250
1/2” (12.7mm) 360mm V01241 V01251
5/8” (15.8mm) 360mm V01242 V01252
3/4” (19.05mm) 460mm V01243 V01253


The Quick Release Tool Handles come with the same features of the fixed bore tool handles; however they also have a unique tool locking feature. Rather than the standard grub screw configuration, that can make changing tools tedious, you can simply insert your tool and twist the front of the handle in either direction, locking the tool in place.

Size Part No.
Bore Diameter Length With Grip Without Grip
5/8” (15.8mm) 360mm V01244 V01254
3/4” (19.05mm) 460mm V01245 V01255


These Bowl Gouges are made from special tool steel called Vanadis 10. V10 is a high vanadium alloyed powder metallurgical tool steel offering a unique combination of excellent abrasive wear resistance along with good chipping resistance.

These tools have our very own oval cutting profile which allows the wood shavings to flow easily and is preferred by most professional wood turners.

Bore Diameter Part No.
3/8” (9.5mm) V01260
1/2” (12.7mm) V01261
5/8” (15.8mm) V01262
3/4” (19.05mm) V01263

Tool Handle Drill Bits

These drill bits are used to make your own tool handle profile. They allow you to bore the centre of your handle profile to suit the Vicmarc Tool Handles.

Size Part No.
26mm Dia by 330mm long P00271
26mm Dia by 508mm long P00272

Reduction Bushes

The 6mm diameter reduction bush can be drilled out to suit your existing tool diameters.

The other reduction bushes will fit the Vicmarc V10 Bowl Gouge Tools or other brand tools with the same shaft sizes as above.

Available in
Diameter Part No.
6mm V01256
9.5mm (3/8”) V01257
12.7mm (1/2”) V01258
15.8mm (5/8”) V01258

Lead Shot

Lead shot is available for filling the centre cavity of your turning tools. The lead shot absorbs vibrations experienced during turning making your tool more comfortable to hold.

Available in: –

200 gram bag (to suit the 3/8″ (9.5mm) x 285mm long handle)
Part No. P00388

500 gram bag (to suit all other sized tool handles)
Part No. P00389


All the Vicmarc lathe models are equipped with this unique locking system to stop face plates
and chucks from coming undone while inboard or outboard turning, making turning safer.

An additional safety collar can be purchased for reverse turning on the inboard side.

Part No. V00670



Used to set a height on your toolrest allowing you to unlock the toolrest and swivel/move the toolrest without changing the set height.

Collar Toolrest Available in
Size Part No.
25.4mm V00300
30mm V00301


The ultimate tool support system is the smoothest and easiest to use due to the use of sealed bearings in the support column and in each articulated joint. Unlike other gated tool support systems the only friction comes from just the tool in contact with the toolrest. It will accept tool diameters of 3/4”, 5/8”, 1/2” and 12mm. A laser wall thickness/depth gauge attachment without laser is included in the package as well as a tool post locking collar for setting the height of the tool post.

It has a camlock base to fit the standard Vicmarc bed ways to ensure fast and accurate set up and ease of maneuverability. All adjustments for height and reach are made using ratchet levers.



Both the Tripod and the Outboard Turning Attachment have a 40mm diameter support post that is locked with indexed locking levers.

These are very rigid outboard turning attachments and have swan necks to increase access to the work piece.

The Vicmarc Outboard turning attachments are available to facilitate large diameter turning on VL240 with the head swivelled through 90 degrees and outboard on the VL200 and VL300 series lathes. They can also be fitted to other makes of lathe, as long the headstock end of the bench or cabinet is flat.


Outboard Turning Tripod


Part No. V01210

Outboard Turning Attachment


Part No. V00861



This balancing system mounts on the outboard side of your lathe and is suited to do out-of-round or off-centre work. Using the balancing system enables you to rotate the work at higher speeds with
less vibration. After removing some stock from your project, you may have to rebalance your work by simply undoing the grub screws and turning the balancing weights to the desired position.

Balancing System Specifications
Diameter 200mm
Thickness 25mm
Weight 7.7kg
Part No. Description
V00060-3 Balancing System 1¼” x 8
V00060-2 Balancing System M33 x 3.5



Oval turning is an old art in wood turning; it has been practiced since the middle ages.

Vicmarc has re-engineered this device and simplified the operation and set-up. The VOD300 has 40mm of adjustment. Therefore if a platter has a long side of 400mm the short side will be 320mm. Maximum turning speed is 800 RPM.

Oval Turning Device Available In
Thread Part No.
M30 x 3.5 V00870-1
M33 x 3.5 V00870-2
1 1/4” x 8 V00870-3
M40 x 2 V00870-4
1” x 8 V00870-6
Standard Accessories
1 DVD Instruction Manual
1 C Spanner
1 18mm Spanner
1 13mm Spanner
1 7.9mm (5/16”) Tommy Bar
1 5mm T-Bar Allen Key
1 Insert (VM90/100)
1 Clamping Assembly (includes clamping plate, bolt and washer)