Cast Iron face plates 75mm to 200mm.


300mm Aluminium

Part No. Face Plate size (mm)
V00410 75mm Diameter
V00411 100mm Diameter
V00412 125mm Diameter
V00413 150mm Diameter
V00414 175mm Diameter
V00415 200mm Diameter
V00417 300mm Diameter Aluminium

Face plate thread sizes available

Thread Size Add after face plate part No. to specify thread size
M30 X 3.5 -1
M33 X 3.5 -2
11/4″ X 8 -3
1″ X 8 -6 ( 75 & 100mm only)
1″ X 10 -7 ( 75 & 100mm only)

Face plates that require a thread other than those listed may be available upon request.

We also have Face plate rings for use with VM100 & 120 chucks, please see our jaws page for available sizes.