About Us

Vicmarc Machinery is a family owned business in Australia since 1984. They have been manufacturing woodturning lathes & accessories for both the hobbyist and professional woodturners in over 20 different countries around the world. With constant improvement Vicmarc has retained its place as a leader in the field. Vicmarc lathes, chucks and accessories are renowned internationally for their robust design and ease of use.

I am a woodturning artisan that resides in Calgary, AB, Canada. A few years ago I replaced an older lathe with a Vicmarc VL300 lathe. I was immediately impressed with how smooth and quiet it ran. I have spent many, many satisfied hours working on the Vicmarc VL300. When I tried to purchase a couple different accessories for the lathe here in Canada, I only discovered there was no dealership here. I approached Vicmarc Machinery about representing Vicmarc Machinery in Canada, and after some months of conversation have become the Canadian Distributor for the Vicmarc Machinery. Representing Vicmarc is an easy fit for me, after many years of working with wood it has always been important for me to purchase the best tool for the job. Vicmarc provides this tool for my company Branches to Bowls.

I’m offering a Canadian presence with Vicmarc’s complete line of lathes and accessories for your woodturning requirements. I look forward to assisting you to achieve your woodturning dreams. Ken Rude

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